Simple tips to Do the Curly woman means for newbies

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Simple tips to Do the Curly woman means for newbies

Simple tips to Do the Curly woman means for newbies

It is the best—and many overwhelming—thing I ever done for my locks.

In the event that you’ve got frizzy hair, you’re well aware it does not have a handbook—at least, perhaps not formally. And, therefore, the stunning curly-haired people regarding the globe devised one, distilling years of data, frustrations, tutorials, services and products, and DIYs in to a cohesive, all-encompassing means of life called the Curly woman Method, or CGM for quick. So that as somebody who has been after the Curly Girl Method since she was at junior high (!), i will inform you that CGM actually, undoubtedly, 100 % can change your hair…if you really know very well what you’re doing.

And that, my buddies, is simpler said than done. Involving the jargon-filled articles and the expert-level videos, it may be difficult for a newbie to find out the absolute fundamentals of beginning the Curly Girl Method. But that’s where we appear in. Read on to discover all you need to understand to begin CGM—including the step-by-step routine—without (completely) losing your sanity.

What’s the Curly Girl Method?

The Curly Girl Method—officially produced by hairstylist and curl expert Lorraine Massey, whom had written Curly woman: The Handbook —is quite literally helpful tips for you to get actually exceptional locks making use of (and avoiding!) certain items and styling techniques. (FYI, all of the information you will discover on the web, including right right here, is commonly variants of Massey’s initial CGM technique, modified over time to add a wider array of wavies, curlies, and coilies.)

Although the particulars can differ—i.e., some body with super-tight coils may well not stick to the exact exact same precise recommendations as somebody with waves—the idea behind the Curly Girl Method generally speaking is the identical: By finding out the very best cocktail of components and application means of your exact locks type—you are able to find down the hair kind here—you’ll be able to amp your normal wave, curl, or coil pattern while reducing frizz, dryness, and breakage.

Does the Curly Girl Method benefit every person?

Sadly, no. Because the entire objective of CGM is to obtain healthy, fuller, more defined hair—basically, seeing the maximum potential of exacltly what the locks can definitely do—you’ve gotta have quite a wave that is distinct in the first place (like at the least 2a/2b waves). For just what it is well well worth, 2c-4a textures have a tendency to gain many from CGM (again, make certain you know the hair on your head kind; it’ll result in the jargon you read a great deal easier), nonetheless it does not suggest you can’t experiment when you have straighter or coilier hair (and,

Just how to do the Curly Girl Method

Since there’s a literal book dedicated to answering this question—along with Facebook groups and, the best, Reddit communities—we’m gonna show you the basic principles regarding the step by step routine (we are going to walk through the details later on, therefore don’t be concerned), along with a couple of basic—yet really important—don’ts.

Appears pretty effortless, right? Welp, the Curly Girl Method is really a bit more. intricate. than just a few actions, which brings us towards the “don’t” record. In fact, CGM is especially about cutting out of the stuff that messes together with your curls (in other words., any such thing drying or harsh), after which incorporating in things that heal, hydrate, and enhance (in other terms., moisturizers, proteins, and mild cleansers).


  • Shampoo (EVERYTHING! Don’t freak—you can’t utilize shampoos that are traditional the sort that strip the hell from the locks. More on this below)
  • Temperature tools (like flat-irons, curling irons, etc., although the diffuser that is occasional low temperature is ok)
  • Sulfates (for example., harsh detergents often present in shampoo that strip the hair on your head of dampness and result in damaged, dry, straw-like locks)
  • Silicones (for example., polymers present in 90 percent of fitness and styling items that layer the hair to offer it a smooth, shiny appearance. Many silicones don’t reduce in water and will simply be eliminated with sulfates…which aren’t permitted into the Curly Girl Method. Without sulfates, silicones will establish in your curls, leaving them lank, dry, flat, and oily. Start thinking about them the number 1 enemy of CGM; you are able to find out more about silicones right here, if you like)
  • Waxes and mineral oils (similar to silicones, many waxes and mineral oils need sulfates to get rid of, which means that they’ll build through to the hair on your head)
  • Towel-drying the hair (towels rough up your own hair cuticle and lead to frizz and tangles. Most peeps that are curly to plop their locks, but more on ways to dry the hair on your head below)
  • Alcohols (though not absolutely all alcohols are bad, many can degrade the hair on your head cuticle, and they are more often than not present in aerosol sprays, like canned hairspray and dry shampoo. Hence, thank you for visiting the field of alcohol-free dry shampoo and hairspray that is alcohol-free

OMG—this all appears freakin’ impossible?!

I AM AWARE, i am aware, however it’s certainly perhaps perhaps not, because some excellent individuals have managed to get easier if your hair products are Curly Girl Method approved for you by creating a website called Is It CG? that’ll tell you. Just copy and paste the ingredients of an item (we copy the components directly through the product’s website) therefore the web site will inform you if it is safe or otherwise not. When you’ve got a summary of approved items (guidelines afterwards), the remainder is merely experimenting with application methods!

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